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I am just doing my duty: Manoj Tiwari

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Manoj Tiwari is in news lately for his album Hey Mahadev and his joint venture with corporate house Frontline. Frontline has also announced a film with him, with a whopping budget of 2.5 crores (250 Millions). One fine morning, we met Manoj at his residence, to discuss his past, present and future:

What you wanted to be in your career?
I always wanted to work for the betterment of Bhojpuri. Today, when a person like US president Obama is giving priority to Bhojpuri speakers, I feel like our mission has been pretty successful.

At a time, when your films are doing good, and your Album is selling like hotcakes, how do you rate your performance?
To be very frank with you, I feel like I am still learning. I am happy that audience is appreciating my hard work, but still, there is a long way to go. I want to entertain people, till the last day of my life.

Most of people are able to see a 'bhojpuria cultural icon' in you, but Bhojpuri films lack such image, why?
Well, honestly speaking, the fault is among us. We are not trying to show cultural values, as we are not looking at films from the same perspective. We are trying to please the audience at first row, but while doing so we forget that all back seats (with premium audience) are still empty.

Please tell us about entry of corporate houses in industry?
Entry of big corporate houses in Bhojpuri film making is a positive thing for industry. This means that we can expect some serious and mature cinema in days to come.

What about your album "Hey Mahadev"?
Oh, I love each and every song of this album. Our experiment with traditional music, and latest tunes is something, which is doing wonders. I am happy to inform you that more than one lakh copies of the album has been sold so far.

Your reality show "Sur Sangram" is doing well, how do you feel?
(Smiles...) yes, Sur Sangram is getting popularity which it deserves. After the success of this, many other show-makers has approached me to host a show for them.

Many other actors has jumped into production, what do you plan?
No, I have no such plans as of now. Right now, I will be using the potential of Frontline and other production houses for the betterment of Bhojpuri film industry.
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1 Thursday, 06 August 2009 15:54
Manoj has good albums
realy its achievmemnt
2 Thursday, 06 August 2009 15:55
Pandey Family
Manoj Bhaiya is good hard-worker, honest man and very kind hearted man of our Bhojpuria society and He is master singer of folk singing like (Hey Mahadev) is most successful album in Bhojpuri bhajan series, and record selling one lakh copies of album it's really nice.

Narad Muni, Satyabhama, Atul, Ranjana, Nidhi, Padam, Arun (Vipin), Abhishek (Siddharth) Pandey
Jogia Udaipur, Siddharth Nagar, Gorakhpur, Purvanchal
hey men u people don't say that u r well wisher u people have ......
3 Thursday, 06 August 2009 18:50
Santosh Kumar Pandey
Hey men u people don't say that u r well wisher you people have introduced vulgarity in Bhojpuri cinema and video dekhey se tt aisan lagela ki kaun b grade k movie dekhtani jaa. saal mein sayed aego ya dugo aisan film awela jekra k dekhal jaa sake... hum ta bahoot chot bani par itna janat tani ki hamni k bhojpuri sabse adhik sanskrti se judral ba. kuch rauwa sabhey kar sakeni jaa ta sirf itna kar di jaa ki remove vulgarity from movies agar story naikhey milat badhiya tta wait kari sabhein jarror mailli tani vichar kari sabhey kaisan lagela jab humni k ganna ya film dekh dusar state k laikan majaak uddaweley san ......plz kuch kari sabhey
4 Saturday, 22 August 2009 16:19
Hi Manoj Ji,

Congrats for yr success.

All d best
5 Saturday, 12 December 2009 05:37
Dinesh yadav Sangam
Hi Manoj Bhaiya
Ka hal bate
kaisan bani
Raur har ada achha lagela

I'm Rj Rautahat Fm 90.8 Mhz Gaur,Rautaht, Nepal
My Mobile No.

Ham Ruaa se Meleke chahtani , Kuchha bat chita kareke chahatain
Ok Thank You
All d best
Hardik Badhai
6 Sunday, 24 January 2010 13:49
R N Tiwari
The job you are doing for growth and popularity of Bhojpuri at all level including international recognition is really praise worthy. Personally I had met you once during election of Mr.Suresh Kalmadi along with Mr.Anandeshwar Pandey,General Secretary, U.P.Olymic Asso.Lucknow. I am watching your efforts ,popularity graph raising every day and pray God the remarkable achievement of most shining star of Bhojpuri Samaj.

Rameshwar Nath Tiwari, Dy.Director-Admin. Indira Group of Institutes, Pune.
my 10year daughter wants to work in serials & add.
7 Tuesday, 02 February 2010 15:56
seema pathak
My daughter name is varsha we are settle in mumbai.she has completed her one year dance course.
waiting for your proper guidence u can let me know by email.
8 Saturday, 13 March 2010 21:27
anjaney tiwari
i m so excited u r more than progress.....
my best wises....ur carryer...all the best.....u r gooooooooood..........
with i want yr blessing,adwise,help,in film making for me......i hope so .....
plz reply me soon.....my email id....thank's........
hi manoj sir .....
9 Sunday, 04 July 2010 17:32
Hi sir, i like your all of the movie because your acting style is totally different and i like it, and I also request you please give me a chance to meet with you. please don't ignore this .

10 Sunday, 05 September 2010 19:04

regarding acting in a commic role
11 Tuesday, 23 November 2010 19:58
sudhakar mishra
this is sudhakar mishra just want to involve my self in the field of bhojpuri movie or any others so kindly help me to get a chance.it will be thankful 2 you
Namaskar Auri Pranam...
12 Sunday, 19 December 2010 17:29

Manoj Tiwari Ji,

Hum Sub Bhojpuriya Log Aap Logan Ke Auri Mahua Ke Sabhi Carrecters Ke Tahe Dil Se Koti-2 Bar Naman Auri Badhai Det Bani Rauwa Log Jagat Me Bahut-2 Nam Rosan Kariiii Jai Ho Bhojpuriya Mati..

Thanks & Regards.

Chanduli Varanashi. u.p
to pramot bhojpuri
13 Wednesday, 01 June 2011 15:27
manoj bhaia hum apke ee mail dwara ee batawal chaha tani ki hum ego aisan laika bani je bhoj puri khatir jann bhi de saka tani .waise ta hum proffesion se singer bani humar kai albums bhi aa chukal baa.hum eh samay mumbai me hi bani hum raua se milal chaha tani
your fan chandigarh
14 Tuesday, 07 June 2011 14:07
respeted sir shri manoj tiwari ji
you are my role model
your good looks ,mantelity, work expirence so very good in your realty show,big boss.movie.sinigin
also v good.
i have share my dream with you plz advise me
main actor hoon aur aap ke saath kaam karna chahta hoon,plz mughe ek chanca dein .mob 9872794040
15 Wednesday, 12 October 2011 09:01
Babu Ali Ansari
tu bhojpurimati ka san bal ho
gahmar ka mehman bal ho
gahmar me aila jabse sabke dil ke arman bal ho

thank u Manoj bhaiya

16 Saturday, 10 December 2011 19:27
satish gahmari
thanks for participet on jaibhojpuri.com and thanks your team.
for a great success of manoj gi.
17 Monday, 26 December 2011 18:29
bhanu singh
hi manoj ji apko bahut sari badhai,apne cenema bahut yogdan diya hai.mai bhi ap ki tarah singer banna chahata hu.mane bahut sari bhojpuri gane lekhe hai.kripya ek chance dijeye.i will do my best .thankyou.
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